Depression Subjective slowing of thinking you can evaluate how forgetfulness, impaired concentration. Classic triple features, of course, may often occur in a person's life. Moreover, bad mood you can visit several times a day, accompanied by a loss or a mourning event in life. Therefore, to Depression usually referred status for up to two, three or more months. To understand whether you have developed depression, the above symptoms may not always be enough, so you should bring some more characteristic of depression symptoms: depressed mood can be determined to reduce sexual desire, and increase feelings of guilt. Another characteristic feature is the dryness of mucous membranes, skin, reducing its turgor. Depressive dryness extends even to the tear glands. We should also mention brittle hair and nails. If you're a girl, and you have similar problems (this is a subject of a separate article), most such disorders are not associated with developing depression, and loss of blood during the menstrual cycle and associated blood loss iron deficiency anemia. Depression tend to decrease appetite and weight loss. It is important to note sleep disorder that occurs in depression. Sleep in depressed becomes shorter in duration, followed by early awakening, a man gets up at four or five o'clock in the morning after sleeping with a missing sense recreation. It sometimes happens that, at first glance, there is no indication disorder, there is no classic symptoms described above, but a detailed examination of specially-targeted clinical and psychological methods to reveal hidden form of the disease.
The Casein In different mammalian species - different conditions of digestion and milk different composition of enzymes. Casein of cow's milk - is digested by the enzyme renin, produced in the stomach of a calf. For example, another kind of animal, a pig other renin. After growing up a calf stops sucking milk from a cow, he completely stops producing a special enzyme. After the cessation of calf suckling milk from the mother, in the absence of the enzyme, it becomes difficult to digest milk, if after some time again to start adding to his food. He might get sick and even die. In humans, digestion occurs in a different way - in the stomach of a child does not produce an enzyme that helps digest milk. Protein milk digested in a child with a special bacillus, which is produced in the breast of the mother and child come together with milk. Respectively, after weaning, he ceases to receive this special substance. Human babies is difficult to digest the casein from milk, if he does not receive breast milk with the substance for digestion of casein. In the case of the consumption of cow's milk instead of the mother - it is difficult to digest casein of cow's milk. Casein is a special protein, with different structures in different species of animals. Different species of mammals amino acids arranged in different ways, including those contained in the casein. When use of casein, inappropriate human mind, it will not digest completely, but people as well as other living beings have the ability to partially absorb undigested parts of the protein.